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Fluimucil website responsive web design mode.

Website creation in responsive web design

Zambon's laboratory once again renewed its confidence in entrusting us with redesigning the complete site of their famous anti cough, Fluimucil. As Spedifen, this request was motivated by the desire to easily view the site on Tablets, Smartphones and mobile.

We opted for the site creation in responsive web, the web design that allows the site automatically to adapt to computer screens, tablets and smartphones...

For this new version of Fluimucil, we reviewed and reworked the whole web design, in accordance with the new layout defined by the laboratory Zambon. The choice CMS was the same as Spedifen, Joomla version 3.0 with standard functions and development of templates responsive mode web design.

Offshore web agency responsive

Hangar 17 is an offshore web agency that guides you and gives you the solution for the creation of your website in responsive web design mode to prepare your site to support these new mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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Website creation in responsive web design