Redesign of MissCouettes e-commerce site with Prestashop

Complete Prestashop redesign, web design and technique of  Miss Couettes site.

E-commerce site redesign with Prestashop

The Miss Couettes SPRL Company entrusted to Hangar 17 the complete recovery of its originally developed and customized website. Redesigning a customized site is never easy, you should first make an in-depth functional and technical analysis of the existing and the consideration of new features requested by the client.

Our team of Prestashop experts has been able to respond positively to the request of Miss Couettes by proposing a solution for this redesign with the Prestashop ecommerce CMS. We have revised the usability of the site and its layout (zoning). A new fresh and light web design for the home page, category page, and the product page has been developed to meet the need for a modern image on the web.

We have also integrated a number of modules to meet the needs of advanced front office features. The last step is the migration of the database with the recovery of products and its contents.

Whatever the demand of redesigning your e-commerce site, we have a solution for you! Contact us.

E-commerce site with Prestashop