Refonte du site Europlac avec Joomla

Redesign of Europlac site with Joomla

Joomla site redesign

The Europlac society entrusted to Hangar 17 the complete redesign of its website. We have completely redesigned its ergonomics and its layout (zoning) to put in front the range of products, with a choice by color, size, rustic choice and options.

The new web design has shifted to a smart and refined atmosphere in line with the new trends of the graphic Chart in Europlac. For the technical redesign the chosen CMS has been Joomla version 2.5, number of modules will be associated with it to bring the necessary deliverable functionality.

Our team of experts on the CMS open source Joomla responds to all your issues of redesign of your business site, its ergonomics of web design and the migration of its content.

We have successfully completed many website redesigning projects, feel free to contact us.

Refonte du site Europlac avec Joomla