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Offshore web developmentHangar 17 offers its expertise and skills on the Offshore PHP development of web site and web applications.

Offshore web developmentThe "ready made" web sites and CMS respond to very large range of needs. However, some specially innovative  or quite simply atypical projects cannot be satisfied with these standard tools. It is thus necessary to resort to specific developments, either for the entire project, or to complete the functionalities of a tool which will be used as base for development of web application.

For this type of customised web site, the design of the architecture is of crucial significance, choice of tools, environment and Framework on which the development will rely…. all the elements which require  a relevant arbitration each time between the standard applications and specific developments..

Hangar 17 has the ability to design and execute cutsomised web sites, we master very high performance architectures and high availability platforms.

We master the languages of PHP developments and JAVA enabling us to adapt our solutions to the specifics and constraints of your web project.

We strive to offer an individual approach combined with a thorough technical knowledge.


We will tailor our service to your individual needs as well as a thorough technical knowledge.

Languages : HTML, XHTML, SQL, XML, PHP, Ajax, Javascript, ASP, JSP, Action script2...

Data bases : MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle…