Migration Joomla 3 of Marcopolis

Migration Joomla 3 of Marcopolis website.

Joomla Migration

Our loyal customer Marcopolis has again turned towards Hangar17ICT for the latest evolutions of its website. Marcopolis is specialized in the creation and dissemination of exciting reports on business and economy in many countries, including those of the Middle and Near East.

To assure its users maximum pleasure and efficiency during their Marcopolis site visits, for their loyalty, it was important to process a profound evolution.

Hangar17ICT, Specialist of Open Source CMS Joomla, has made the migration from version 1.5 to version 3.2.4, the most recent and stable. This allowed then to ask the web designers team to propose a new design template for Marcopolis. The image could thus be enriched with a new dynamism.

The site henceforth offers its visitors a video module, and a country wise reporting system accessible through a dynamic menu, very nice for users to manipulate. Similarly, users can access an option to change the color of the template. The display of articles and category page were fully customized.

Be it for a new project or for permanent changes in your website Hangar17ICT supports you and allows you to be at the forefront of the latest web technologies. Want Joomla migration, contact our team!

Migration Joomla 3 of Marcopolis