Animations flash Chateau des enigmes

The Chateau des Enigmes, creation of flash animations on interactive Kiosk.

For the fourth consecutive time Hangar 17 completed the creation of flash animations of 24 interactive games for the Château des Enigmes at Pons. In coordination with the designer  Nicolas Tabary, Hangar 17 has developed these flash animations and carried out the sound effects.  The Hangar 17 team can customize all types of graphics, designs and 2D and 3D interactive flash animations for: amusement parks, castles, web sites, kiosks and DVD Rom. We also do all musical creations, sound illustrations, sound effects and sound tracks with voiceover.

The Château des Énigmes, is a castle that we can visit with fun. With family or friends, in an exciting treasure hunt and more than 3 hrs in a wonderful setting for a Renaissance castle classified under the Historic Monuments.

The new route in 2011 and on the theme of Willy and the 3 Musketeers. The Château des Énigmes invites you to join the happy band of the 3 Musketeers in an attempt to thwart the conspiracy against the Queen engineered by the Cardinal of Richelieu and the dangerous Milady.

 Chateau des enigmes animations flash